Research Project Maastricht (RPM), a student initiative supported by Maastricht University, aims to successfully conduct company-specific research in emerging economies on a non-profit basis. RPM consists of a multidisciplinary team with twelve carefully selected top students in the final phase of their studies. The team’s expertise covers the field of economics, international business, econometrics, and health sciences.  Since 1989, RPM has performed research in emerging economies such as Brazil, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. From January to April 2018, the RPM team is eager to investigate, explore and evaluate opportunities for Dutch companies in India.

Research Project Maastricht conducts tailored research in which it aspires to meet the unique demands of its client companies. The project focuses on investigating business opportunities for internationally orientated companies, varying from small and medium sized firms to multinational enterprises. In previous years, RPM has performed various kinds of research, including market and sector analyses, competitive analyses, identification of investment opportunities, new distribution channels and possible new business partners.
What’s in it for you:
• Have a flexibly deployable research team in India;
• Save time and money in:
o exploring new market opportunities;
o overcoming existing business barriers in India;
• Obtain relevant information of key players.

If you wish to discuss the research possibilities for your company, please contact us before November 1st:
T: +31 (0)433 883 931