In order to promote the cooperation and development of potato industry between the Netherlands and Shaanxi province, NAFTC organized a visit to 4 potato companies in Yulin city for potato member enterprises on 3rd November, 2016. This visit involved in potato breeding, mechanization and storage.

As a food crop, potato covers the largest planting area in Yulin, which is stable at more than 3 million mu (200,000ha). And Yulin is the fourth largest main potato production city in China. At present, there are 16 potato processing companies, 20 professional processing villages in Yulin. The annual processing transforming capacity is 400 million tons, which the main products are starch, noodle, Chinese vermicelli and etc. There are more than 60 potato specialized cooperatives, selling over 1.5 million tons fresh potato every year.

By visiting potato companies, the delegation knew more information about the development of potato industry in Yulin. During the visit to the modern agricultural industrial park and the demonstration park of science and technology, the delegation had further communication with the companies in Yulin and they all expressed their willingness to carry out further cooperation. This practical and efficient visit provided a valuable opportunity for the two parties to seek further cooperation with each other.

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