On December 18th, NAFTC initiated a meeting for their potato members with a Shaanxi based SOE. The company is mainly specialized in the field of grain, oils and other food crops, and will now (due to the increasing intention to potato in China) step into the potato industry. After preliminary research done by the SOE they know that The Netherlands has the most advanced potato technology in the world, and that NAFTC is a platform which can provide the whole chain service for the potato project.
NAFTC organized the meeting in Beijing and five of our potato members were able to join the meeting to know SFA’s potato project. After central presentations and discussions, each company had a separate meeting with the SOE to gain deeper insights in the project.

In the end, all were very satisfied with the meeting. Very efficient for the SOE to meet so many companies in one morning and get whole chain solutions for their potato project. They went back to Shaanxi with a bag full thorough information from the NAFTC potato members. After their internal discussion, NAFTC will keep following up as support to the potato members and may arrange a fact-finding trip to the SOE in the year 2016