Mr. Anshul Batwara, Technical Manager of Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt Ltd. got us into contact with Mr. Jigneshbhai Patel of Real Cold Store in India.

Mr. Patel is also a grower for McCain’s French fries Potatoes.

The Potatoes are traditionally stored in bags with multiple level in a single chamber. The major problem when storing in bags is, that the sprout inhibitor cannot reach the product into the stacked bags in a correct way.

This blocks the proper functionality of the sprout inhibitor. Also because of higher number of floors, the cooling is not so uniform.

Especially for these storages with bags, Mooij Agro created the “Bag-Pipe Technology” . By means of a pipe and sprout construction the air is blown below each of the five floors. This enables the sprout inhibitor to be spread equally and that less product needs to be used.

“The Bag-Pipe Technology offers the best performance of bulk storages with processed potatoes stored into bags. Optimum spread of the sprout inhibitor and a very high relative humidity guarantee the best storage result. ” says our partner SV Agri, who also took care of the mounting, installation and after-sales.

In 2014 Real Cold Store got the first cell provided with the Bag-Pipe system. Soon in 2015 the second cell followed.

“The Bag-Pipe System is an intricate mix of cooling, humidification, ventilation and CO2 control. It gives peace of mind to have everything under control” says a satisfied Mr. Jigneshbhai Patel.