On 20th May the dairy company forum was held by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), to exchange ideas and discuss the revitalization of China’s dairy industry. Han Changfu, minister of MoA, expressed some messages as a good ‘input’ for the Dairy Exhibition in Qingdao 2-4 June.


The overall momentum of the development of dairy industry is considered to be good; the quality and safety of dairy products continues to improve but it was emphasized by Han Changfu that persistently high importance needs to be attached to it; the sector is however also facing many difficulties and challenges. The revitalization of China’s dairy industry needs to bring together the power of government, enterprise, farmers and other aspects.

During the meeting Han Changfu emphasized four hopes:

  1. Make good use of G20 summit platform in Hangzhou this summer, expand the attractive and influence of G20 summit.
  2. Control the quality and safety of dairy milk and products. Enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.
  3. Encourage dairy companies and dairy farmers to sign a stable, long-term purchase and sale agreement with farmers, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.
  4. Rebuild the confidence of consumers.