NAFTC-India with the support of NAFTC-NL, Embassy of the Netherlands in India & the potato cluster members prepared a mission to Potato Europe 2017 in the Netherlands. The delegation of 62 entrepreneurs & farmers from India visited Potato Europe 2017 in the Netherlands from 11th September to 18th September. The objective of the mission was to showcase the technology available in the Netherlands in the field of potatoes which includes the complete potato value chain. Also the group had an opportunity to interact with the companies during & after the event for technology & knowledge transfer. The delegation not only visited the exhibition but also visited some companies in the Netherlands to understand their technology in a better way and to have the first-hand experience of those technologies.

The mission started on 10th September from New Delhi & landed in Frankfurt on 11th September. There were regular industry & exhibition visits from 12th to 16th September. Sunday, 17th September was a free day for the group & the delegation returned back to India on 18th September. After visiting the exhibition on 14th September 25 members of the group left for India on 15th. Following is the brief of visits:

Visit program
1 12-Sep Mooij Agro, Horst & 2 Mooij storage facilities in Lingen, Germany
2 12-Sep Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Damme, Germany
3 13-Sep Tolsma-Grisnich, Emmeloord & 1 storage facility in Emmeloord
4 13-Sep HZPC Holland B.V. Joure
5 13-Sep Bijlsma Hercules, Franeker
6 14-Sep Full day at Potato Europe in Emmeloord
7 15-Sep Omnivent Techniek BV, Zeewolde & 1 storage facility
8 15-Sep Kiremko BV, Montfoort
9 15-Sep Geerlofs Refrigeration, Rijswijk
10 16-Sep Bayer Forward Farm in Abbenes

The group included the people from Indian cold chain industry, potato seed growers & some members were searching for the potato processing technologies. The group was fortunate enough to meet all the related companies during the exhibition & the factory visits.