Poultry Machinery Joosten


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E: info@pmj.info

PMJ is a Dutch family owned equipment manufacturing company, specialized in duck processing technology. It offers a wide range of standard and custom made highly specialised machines for all phases in the processing of poultry. It offers its service to customers world wide.
Poultry Machinery Joosten (PMJ) is founded in 1999 by Egbert Joosten. Prior to that moment Mr. Joosten used to work for many years with worldwide renown poultry equipment manufacturers. There he learned that processing chickens and ducks is not the same. Ducks require a special treatment during processing and consequently processing systems that meet the specific and unique requirements of the customers. By founding PMJ he got the chance to better meet the needs of duck processors. He and his team gained support from various duck processors and made PMJ the global specialist in waterfowl processing systems.

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